About Prof. Dr. B.S. Tiwary


This website is about Prof. Dr. Balendu Shekar Tiwary (29 Oct 1948 – 19 Feb 2017), a prolific and widely published Hindi language writer, linguist and academic. He was born in Siwan, Bihar (India) on 29th October 1947. He completed his PhD on Post-Independence Hindi Satire in 1975 from Patna university, and later his D. Lit research degree in 1983 from Ranchi university. Professor Tiwary wrote extensively on Hindi satire (vyangya), and was one of the first and foremost literary critic of the genre of satire written in Hindi language. He worked for around 36 years at the department of Hindi, Ranchi University (Jharkhand, India), from where he retired as a distinguished professor of Hindi literature. He supervised candidates for 56 PhD research degrees , and 14 D.Lit research degrees under his able guidance at Ranchi University. He has published more than 30 books on Hindi satire and has  published an equal number of books on translation, literary criticism, research methodology, poetics, and linguistics. In 2014 he published an engaging Hindi novel Kailashpati (2014, ISBN – 9788190592130) on Hindu god lord Shiva after undertaking a decade of thorough research on Hindu mythologies. He compiled the first dictionary of Hindi Satires (Hindi Hasya-vyangya kosh, ISBN-9788188971886). One of his seminal contribution to pluralistic and multilingual fabric of India, was the Bhojpuri translation of Vachan literature written in Kannada by highly popular 12th century saint and Guru of south India Guru Basavanna. This Bhojpuri translation of the anthology (Vachan, 2016) was published by Basava Samithi, Bangalore, Karnataka in 2016. He worked tirelessly for promotion of Indian languages like Hindi and published several books on the linguistic and literary status of minority languages of Jharkhand and Bihar like Santali, Nagpuri, Mundari, Oraon, Khortha, Kurux, Magahi, Bhojpuri etc. He breathed his last on 19th Feb 2017 at his home in Ranchi. His wife and companion for 43 years of marriage late Mrs. Vidya Tiwary passed away on 19th May 2013. He is now survived by his four children (2 sons and 2 daughters, and their spouses) and 7 grandchildren (6 grandsons & 1 granddaughter). His legacy is continued by his children and grandchildren.  


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